Managing Software Ubuntu with APT

Aug 26, 2010

Use APT to download and install packages from online repositories. The APT commands can be used to install packages locally. However, it’s normally used for working with online software. For a quick command line reference of apt capabilities, use the -h option on the command line.

APT Command Detail
apt-get update Use to updates the database of available
packages from /etc/apt/sources.list.
apt-cache search Case-insensitive search of the package
database for the keyword given.
apt-get install Download and install package
apt-get -d install Download the package only
apt-cache show Display information about the software name
apt-get upgrade Check updates for all installed packages
and then prompt to downloadand install
apt-get dist-upgrade Updates the entire system to a new
apt-get autoclean Can be run anytime to delete partially
downloaded packages
apt-get clean Removes all cached packages from
apt-get –purge remove Remove the named package and all
its configuration files.
apt-key list List gpg keys that APT knows
apt-cache depends Print dependencies for a package
apt-cache pkgnames List all packages installed on the

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