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Efero™ Baby Foot Spa

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Peel off layers of dead skin and callus in 2-7 days

Before we introduce our product, let's look at our happy customers.

After a long search for Emily's problem of having a cracked-dry-feet. She finally discovered Efero Baby Foot Spa.

My feet are the driest feet... I have cracked, bleeding, dry skin. Nothing has ever helped. After I had my 1st child it has gotten worse. I have tried so many items and some help for a little while, but then the same issues come right back. I gave in and spent way more than normal for a product to use on my feet because lets face it, all hope was gone. It has been a week to the day since I tried this product, and let me tell you it truly works! Definitely a life changer for me! Thank you to the amazing people that make this product!

- Emily Sadler

Good bye to rough feet. Thomas shares his amazing result after a week of using Efero Baby Foot Spa: 

It’s like 2-4 pedicure in one package! It was a week and a half and the skin just peels off by itself! You should be aware that sometimes it almost looks like a snake shedding his skin.. But it peels just what it should and my feet are so soft right now! I can't remember when was the last time it was like that, maybe when I was 5 lol. Highly recommended, already told everyone I know.

-Thomas Hummel

Scientific Proven Ingredients

Lavender Essence

Lavender extract could be used to combat the increasing incidence of antifungal-resistant infections. Lavandula genus of lavender plants are already used widely, particularly in the food and cosmetic industries. Studies of the biological activities of these oils suggest Lavandula extract have properties of antimicrobials and antioxidants.

Malic Acid

Malic acid has an exfoliant properties that gives hydration, anti-aging and smoother skin. It it can help remove the buildup of dead skin cells and dull skin to make way for newer skin.


The lactic acid in the milk begins breaking down tough, dry foot skin while the creamy properties in the dairy product provide nutrients and moisture.

Customer Review

I have the worst cracked feet EVER. And my heels have the thickest calluses from years of working on my feet. Even pedicures didn’t do the trick.

- Sharon Jones

Saw a major difference in my feet within a few days after using Efero Baby Foot Spa. All of a sudden the thick, dead, hard, and dry skin started peeling away from my feet. It felt like I was being released from a cocoon.

-Andrew Russel

I bought this foot mask and I absolutely love it. Your mask is the first mask to get all of the calluses and rough skin off of my feet. My feet is baby soft, something I thought I would never experience. 

-Sarah Haubert

Benefits of Efero Baby Foot Spa

  • Excellent peeling result
  • Smooth, soften & brighten the skin of your feet
  • Hydrates & moisturizes your feet
  • Natural and Dermatologically Tested


1. Wash and soak your feet with hot water, then dry your feet.
2. Take the foot mask, and cut the seal.
3. Wear the foot mask. (We recommended to wear a pair of socks outside to     assure sufficient contact with essence.
4. Remove the foot mask after 35-95 minutes, then clean your feet.


2packs / 5packs / 10 packs x Efero Baby Foot Spa