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HotMax Pain Relief Ginger Patch

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A Healthier Way to Relieve the Pain

HotMax Pain Relief Ginger Patch are embedded with targeted frequencies that sync with your body’s natural energy to relieve symptoms of discomfort associated with leg cramps or pain, including muscle aches & soreness and joint pain & stiffness.

“I was skeptical of these and I didn’t need to be.. I have an arthritis at a young age because of the stress of lifting heavy objects on my work at a factory. Tried using the Pain Relief Ginger Patch on my feet, and then I thought to put one on my persistently swollen knees (repetitive injury). Using it for 3 weeks now and my knee smaller than it’s been in years, slept great, and will definitely continue to use them. You can see the difference between my feet and my knee. The relief was really awesome! “ - Megathy Maubach

All-Natural Treatment

Formulated with natural ginger and herbal extracts, it has the functions of relaxing meridians and activating collaterals, warming the body and dispelling cold.

What makes ginger so helpful?

“Ginger has anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer and antioxidant activities, as well as a small amount of analgesic property,” says Roberta Lee, MD, vice chair of the Department of Integrative Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City.

Researchers in one 2010 study found that ginger was an effective pain reliever for human muscle pain resulting from an exercise-induced injury. Participants who ingested two grams of either raw ginger or heated ginger experienced reduced pain and inflammation.

Rapid Penetration

Delivers heat deep into tissue, warming the muscle right where it hurts – to relax, soothe and unlock tight muscles.

Provide Warmth Sensation

Dispelling wind and removing cold, the HotMax Pain Relief Ginger Patch is also act as a muscle relaxer. Applying a patch on any part of body to enjoy ultimate relaxation after a long exhausting working day. 12 hours of penetrating heat that helps relieve muscular pain.

Improve Circulation

Packed with an herbal blend that utilizes heat to gradually generate warmth and dilate capillaries for up to 10 hours.

Wide Application

Offer a totally new approach to naturally treating temporary hand and foot cramps, knee pain, achy joints, sore muscles, and neck pain, etc.

Here are some of our happy customers:

“I have many medical issues and I deal with pain on a constant basis but one problem I have the hardest reducing the pain is my endometriosis, ovarian cysts and bad periods. I decided one day to give these Pain Relief Ginger Patch in the hopes to even just reduce some of the pain so I can be human and not spend all my time in a ball on my bed. These helped very much, it has not any chemical burn, as I smell it has a ginger scent, they adhered to the area very easily and stay as long as you leave them there. Now it’s not a cure or even a pain reliever but it reduces it enough to be able to move around and function without having anyone having to do stuff for me. I bought extra because I never know when I’ll have a flair up and they can easily be put in your purse just in case.” - Karen Godbey

“I'm 87 years old, and I'm so glad every time I got to run a marathon. When my back hurts after running, this Pain Relief Ginger Patch is my go to relieve the pain. Have been using it for a long time and tried other brands, but this is the one that serves me best. Easy to put on, stay on and it does what it promises. I felt younger 20 years after use I, as no more pain now!” - Shirley Mezori

Easy Application

1. Clean and dry affected area.

2. Open the package and take out the patches.

3. Tear the silicone oil paper and stick it where you want to relief.

4. Smooth out the pain relief patches so that it fits your skin without wrinkles.


HotMax Pain Relief Ginger Patch (50pcs/Pack)