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Toilet Friendly Lady Patch

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Are you frustrated with frequent trips to the bathroom or embarrassing urinary leaks? Toilet Friendly Lady Patch help improve urinary control, powerful bladder health and strengthen pelvis floor muscle. Made of herbal formula, 100% safe to use.

It helps decrease trips to the bathroom day and night, reduce urinary leaks & accidents, relieve the sensation of urgency and provides powerful bladder relief. Our patch promotes a good night’s sleep, so you can enjoy a night without frequent trips to the bathroom.

Building up the pelvic muscles also prevents incontinence or relieves an existing condition. It can be applied for 8-12 hours, and it is recommended to apply at night.

This patch helps reduce accidents and bladder leakage caused by stress, such as sneezing or coughing. Let you say goodbye to incontinence pads! 

Toilet Friendly Lady Patch is formulated with a precise natural herbal to help provide safe and effective bladder control. 

 Suitable for women's discomfort caused by leakage of urine and urinary incontinence.

Not suitable for: Pregnant Women, Open Wound, and Rashes
Net Weight: 6PCS/BOX

1 X Toilet Friendly Lady Patch (6PCS)
3 X Toilet Friendly Lady Patch (18PCS)